Performance Horse Award Program


The Egyptian Arabian Performance Horse Award Program is built on last year’s great success, with expanded disciplines and even more awards! 

This program is designed to support and promote Egyptian Arabian performance horses who are winning in open competition throughout North America. The Performance Horse Award Program presents wonderful recognition for you who “get out there” in a variety of competitions, showing the world what our wonderful Straight Egyptian and Egyptian-Sired/Bred Arabians can do! 

Points accumulated throughout the competition season (January 1 - December 31) are submitted by our participants by the enrey deadline of March 31st. High Point Awards are presented at the Egyptian Event and winners are promoted through The Chariot E-Newsletter, The Pyramid Society’s website, social media and our annual Yearbook included within the December issue of the Arabian Horse World and distributed year-round.

Enrollment Deadline: MARCH 31, 2017 (for the 2016 Competition Year) 

 2016 Handbook & Enrollment Forms Print PDF

OR Enroll Online: 

FORM 1 Flat Track Racing, Endurance, Competitive Trail

FORM 2 Pleasure Class Division Disciplines, Working Class Disciplines,
                   4-H, Pony Club, Jumping & Sport Horse 

FORM 3 Dressage, Western Dressage, Driven Dressage

FORM 4 Eventing and Combine Driving


  • Competition Season: January 1 – December, 31
  • Horses must be: Straight Egyptian or Egyptian-Sired/Bred 
  • Complimentary Enrollment for All Participants
  • Pyramid Society Membership Not Required


Riders UPis an incentive-based program beginning in 2017 that will reward riders with prizes and recognition for spending non-competitive hours in the saddle with their Egyptian Arabian horses.




Partner With Us! Affordable sponsorships are available providing high visibility to a targeted audience.
We welcome your support in the promotion of our beautiful Egyptian Arabian performance horses!




As always, if you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact The Pyramid Society office at (859) 231-0771 or

Yours truly,

Jaleen Hacklander
Committee Chair
The Performance Horse Award Program