Strategic Plan

Adopted in 2005 by the Board of Directors, The Pyramid Society's Strategic Plan seeks to outline the Values and Key Areas for Action of the leadership and membership of the organization. The document stands as a guiding set of principles and action items that continue impact the creation and termination of Pyramid Society programs, committees, events, publications, and activities.

As set forth by the Strategic Plan, we believe that the Straight Egyptian horse is:

  • A Superior Equine, with
  • a unique and vital Genetic Prepotency, with
  • a foundational Heritage & History rooted in the people of the Arabian Desert, which
  • demands the Pursuite of Excellence among breeders, which
  • places Education at the core of the Society's mission, and
  • values Ethical Conduct, Humane Treatment, and Respect over all, thus
  • requiring Member Participation for the success of the Society, thus
  • calling for the formation of a Global Community of collaborators, and
  • Lifestyle of social interaction and friendly competition.

As set forth by the Strategic Plan, our driving action items are:

  • Creating and sustaining a viable Standards of Excellence
  • Conducting and reporting relevant Research
  • Establishing and developing tools for Education
  • Exerting and inviting World-Wide Support and Influence
  • Providing and continually improving Outreach and Promotion
  • Sponsoring and enhancing National Activities
  • Advancing and pioneering standards for Ethical and Humane Conduct
  • Designing and redesigning techniques for Member Support and Development
  • Implementing and maintaining responsible Society Finances
  • Structuring and promoting involvement in Society Organization and Management

Downdload the complete current Pyramid Society Strategic Plan using the link below: