The Pyramid Society is devoted to the preservation, perpetuation, and promotion of the Straight Egyptian horse as the premier source of classic Arabian type in the world. As a leader of an international community of breeders and owners, The Pyramid Society strives to unite its members in the breeding of superior quality Straight Egyptian horses and to encourage the use of their blood as a source of the classic refinement necessary for the Arabian breed at large. We envision The Pyramid Society as the leader of a worldwide community of breeders, owners, and devotees united in the pursuit of excellence.

The Bylaws of The Pyramid Society outline the structure for governance of the organization. The articles are organized as follows:

  • Article I - Definition of an Egyptian Arabian
  • Article II - Membership
  • Article III - Meetings
  • Article VI - Board of Directors
  • Article V - Elected Officers
  • Article VI - Appointed Officers
  • Article VII - Trustees
  • Article VIII - Standing Committees
  • Article IX - Execution of Instruments, Deposits, and Funds
  • Article X - Administrative Provisions
  • Article XI - Fiscal Year
  • Article XII - Miscellaneous
  • Article XIII - Ammendment of Bylaws
  • Article XIV - Construction and Terms

Downdload the complete current Pyramid Society Bylaws using the link below: