Mission & Vision of The Pyramid Society

The Pyramid Society is an international breeders' organization dedicated to the preservation, perpetuation, and promotion of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse as the premiere source of classic Arabian type in the world.



By forming an international community of Arabian horse breeders, we seek to preserve the standards of this ancient breed. Through educational offerings with foremost experts in Egyptian Arabian breeding, such as Seminars, Films and the illustrious National Egyptian Breeders' Conference, we ensure opportunities for our members to continually learn, grow, and adapt.

With key resources available through our website and within our sought-after breeders' publications, such as The Pyramid Society Standard of Excellence and The Reference Handbook of Straight Egyptian Horses, Volume XII, The Pyramid Society has a truly global reach, uniting members and keeping them abrest to the latest trends. 


To ensure this breed of legend continues to thrive today, we seek to perpetuate Egyptian Arabian bloodlines of the highest caliber. As guardians of the breed, The Pyramid Society and its members work to guarantee the future of the Egyptian Arabian horse.


By sharing the breed on a global scale through marketing and outreach, we seek to promote the popularity of the Straight Egyptian horse.

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