TTEAM Workshop Gives Participants New Tools for Connection

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 - 8:12am
Al Ameen Arabians - Blythewood, SC
United States
Cheryl Corcoran of Al Ameen Arabian recently sent us a recap of the recent TTEAM workshop held at Al Ameen...

"On Saturday, November 16th, Al Ameen Arabians hosted a Linda Tellington-Jones TTEAM Workshop with a great group of participants," she writes, "Jayne Stewart, the TTEAM Practitioner, helped the group understand and apply the three phases of TTEAM--The Tellington TTouch; Learning exercises from the ground; and the joy of riding. Everyone had a chance to work with the horses and learn how to apply the methods of touch and work through a series of ground and riding exercises to enable a horse to override old patterns and to learn without fear or force. It was a great educational experience and a chance to make new friends both human and four-legged."