Springfield, MO Regional Conference a Success

Friday, August 11, 2017 - 3:59pm
By:  Suzanne (Zan) Economopulos
Social media is no match for meeting face to face and if you doubt this I invite you to attend a Pyramid Society regional conference. On August 5th, Pyramid Society members and Egyptian Arabian breeders and admirers met in Springfield Missouri to talk, dine and further their education as protectors of the great heritage of the Egyptian Arabian horse. It was a celebration of shared interests.
Hosted by Gail and Joe Mailloux of Two Silos Farm and supported by the membership of the Midwest Egyptian Horse Alliance, attendees were provided the ideal setting for relaxing as well as discussion. Speakers Joe Ferris, Dennis Hilkuijsen and Dr. Andres Estrada provided education on bloodlines, bronzes and breeding, respectively. Lively questions and answers followed each of the lectures. The attendees were engaged as well as entertained. And very well fed.
In the afternoon blue skies and white tents welcomed attendees to Two Silos Farm.  The overarching theme for this regional conference was the significance of the Straight Egyptian Mare in North America and the branches that each family represents from foundation mares, thoughtfully and thoroughly presented by historian Joe Ferriss. Attendees were provided with living proof of the extreme beauty and unique qualities of these family strains with a parade of mares from the herd of Two Silos and a visiting mare belonging to Augusta Hammock. Each mare was quiet and elegant; tributes to the disposition Arabian mares are famous for. Just for fun, a fashion show to the beat of Madonna’s Vogue ended the day as the mares were dressed in fantastic breastplates, halters and glittering scarves provided by designer Nancy Gates of Heirloom Halters. If all this was not enough, a special presentation was made at the end of the showing that brought everyone to tears – the presentation of a beautiful halter set made by Nancy Gates with the hairs of Augusta Hammock’s mare Amirat Al Yakout and the late internationally known stallion Hadidi, and gifted by Gail to Augusta, to commemorate the long sought- after mating. It was a beautiful ending to a perfect day.
Before the lecture series ended Becky Rogers, president of The Pyramid Society, spoke to us about the changes and opportunities that are afforded to members and affecting the future. The core purpose of The Pyramid Society, and of each member, is the protection of the horse - the Egyptian Arabian horse. Without The Pyramid Society and outreach opportunities such as the Regional Conference, this protection would be difficult to maintain. Something to think about as everyone goes back home to the everyday maintenance that horse owning involves, and we go back to social media to keep up the relationships forged by attending this conference together.