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May 30th 2018


In 1969, the founding members of The Pyramid Society, recognizing the unique qualities and genetic prepotency of a specific group of Arabian horses in Egypt, meticulously studied stud books, herd books and trustworthy documents to acquire the information necessary to write a clear and precise definition of a Straight Egyptian Arabian horse.  “For almost fifty years,” states Society Founder Judith Forbis, “this definition has served to identify all Straight Egyptian Arabians worldwide.” 

Mar 19th 2018


Mar 8th 2018

Cynthia Culbertson to be named Executive Director of The Pyramid Society following Retirement of Anna Bishop


Cynthia _ Richard Bryant Photo_0.jpg

The Pyramid Society is pleased to announce that Cynthia Culbertson will assume the position of Executive Director upon the retirement of the Society’s long-term Executive Director Anna Bishop in September of 2018. 

Dec 8th 2017

Anna Bishop.jpg 

We wanted the joy to last forever!  But after more than three decades of love and devotion to The Pyramid Society and each of its members, Anna Bishop has announced her decision to take a well-deserved retirement to spend quality time with friends, family and her adored grandchildren. 

Sep 23rd 2017

Sonrisa Farms (Peralta, NM) hosted an evening outreach event, Horses & Wine, fueling the dreams of horse lovers, and potential horse owners by introducing them to Straight Egyptian Arabians. The event was well attended, with guests arriving from all over New Mexico, and featured fabulous food provided by Burritos Alinstante, wine from Tamber Bey Vinyards, and a presentation of Sonrisa Farms’ fabulous Straight Egyptian Arabian horses.

Aug 17th 2017
Please enjoy some special moments from the 2017 Egyptian Event!

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Aug 11th 2017
By:  Suzanne (Zan) Economopulos
Social media is no match for meeting face to face and if you doubt this I invite you to attend a Pyramid Society regional conference. On August 5th, Pyramid Society members and Egyptian Arabian breeders and admirers met in Springfield Missouri to talk, dine and further their education as protectors of the great heritage of the Egyptian Arabian horse. It was a celebration of shared interests.