The Pyramid Society's 2013 Board of Directors

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 - 9:53am
Service on The Pyramid Society's Board of Directors is truly a job which demands a great deal of time, effort, and sacrifice. We are pleased to have this opportunity to honor three members of the Board of Directors whose terms will be completed as of November 1, 2012.

Henry Metz, Silver Maple Farm, Santa Ynez, CA - Henry has served as the Society's President for the past eight years, guiding us forward and providing countless hours of outstanding leadership. As a past President, Henry will now become a Pyramid Society Trustee, ever tasked with protecting the best interests of The Society and its membership and upholding the legacy of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse. 

Dr. M. Kent Mayfield, Second Wind Egyptian Arabian Bloodstock, Dodgeville, WI - Kent has most recently served as chair of The Society's Education Committee, spearheading the organization of educational programs at The Egyptian Event, assisting in creating a presence for The Pyramid Society at various national events, and coordinating efforts for the National Breeders' Conference. 

Jennifer Parsons, Etaya Egyptian Stud, Victoria Harbour, ON - Jennifer joined the Board after serving for several years as a Regional Representative to Canada. She has since offered her time and service in numerous successful fundraising efforts on behalf of the Society. She and her husband Chris also worked to establish the Amal Bukra Perpetual Trophy and cash award for high-scoring youth at The Egyptian Event. 

By recommendation of the Nominating Committee and with unanimous Board approval, Henry will be succeeded as President by current Vice President, Bob Miars of Miars Arabian Ranch in Murchison, TX. Becky Rogers of Kehilan Arabians in Fort Worth, TX, will become Vice President. Bridgette Orwig of Pure Gold Arabians in Hogansville, GA, will continue to serve as Secretary, and Majid Alsayegh of Al Majid Arabians in Douglasville, PA, will continue to serve as Treasurer.

The Nominating Committee has also recommended, with the Board's unanimous approval, the appointment of Keri Wright of Cariswood Arabians in Sandy, UT, to serve on The Pyramid Society Board of Directors with a term beginning November 1, 2012.

We are pleased to welcome Keri to the Board and to announce his impending appointment as Chair of the Education Committee. We hope you'll take this opportunity to learn a bit more about Keri and his vision:

Keri and his wife Carolee and have been married for 30 years and have four daughters and a son, along with eight grandchildren (with two more on the way)! "Our family has always been, and continues to be, among the deepest joys we've known," says Keri, who is the eldest of eight children.

Keri grew up with horses, and some of his earliest and fondest recollections include being in the saddle with his mother and father, out on trail rides at his family's farm and the surrounding areas. "Those horses played an integral role during the formative years of my youth," recalls Keri, "They were among my closest and dearest friends, and it was through them that I eventually met and married Carolee... something I don't think I'll ever be able to fully repay."

Keri and Carolee's involvement today stems from a deep desire to give back to the horses for all they have come to mean in their lives. Every horse presently owned by the Wrights descends from horses they have either bred or owned since those earliest years. "Having their descendants on our place today is a great honor for us," states Keri.

Over the years, Keri has served both in volunteer and in formal capacities on various committees within the Pyramid Society, as well as with the Pyramid Foundation, Inc., with his most recent role being Committee Chair for publication of Volume XII of the Reference Handbook of Straight Egyptian Horses. "While serving in this capacity, I was able to observe first-hand the passion and commitment and vision of The Pyramid Society staff and leadership, both past and present," Keri says, "I have come to greatly admire them and feel honored to now serve side by side with them."

Keri feels that he is stepping in to fill some pretty big shoes, and expresses a deep sense of humility when asked about his nomination to the Board. He expresses his vision as a Board member as one of cooperation and progress. "By working together, we can move the cause of the Egyptian Arabian horse forward in positive, wonderful, and impactful ways that are fitting and becoming of the horses with whom we are privileged to share our time here on earth."

To contact Keri & Carolee or any of the Pyramid Society Board of Directors mentioned here, we invite you to click through to their Member Profiles which are linked to the right. We encourage you to acknowledge and thank these members for their service to the Society and to the Straight Egyptian horse. TPS 08-28-2012