President's Perspective - September, 2014

Thursday, October 2, 2014 - 6:19am


Dear Pyramid Society Members and Egyptian Arabian Enthusiasts:

Two key words I wish to share with you in this month's message; Yearbook and Membership.
Yearbook - This word instantly transports me back to Athens, Texas, and a place in time where I poured over the pages covering every activity of both my glory - and not so glory - days! I couldn't wait to get my annual high school Yearbook, as each publication chronicled my history, told my stories and recaptured the magic of time gone by. After all the moves, those Yearbooks continue to remain in my library today.
With this historical fondness, I was delighted that the Marketing & PR Committee chose to replace the annual Stallion Guide with an annual Pyramid Society Yearbook, beginning in 2014. I am confident it will be much like our own Yearbooks and remain in our libraries for years to come. Why am I so confident of this? Because of its design and content, created to capture our member activities, our horses, our programs, our accomplishments, in a beautiful, coffee-table-worthy publication. Please review the additional information included in this Chariot and plan to participate in our inaugural Pyramid Society Yearbook!
Membership - an overall reminder that we are joined together by our mutual passion, purpose and principles. Our 2015 membership year (note: we have shifted the member year to align with the calendar year, January 1 through December 31) is right around the corner, and, as a member-based organization, The Pyramid Society is dependent on each of you for playing your part in the future of our organization.
I encourage you to support our organization by participating to every degree possible. Share your passion for these Egyptian Arabian horses with your friends and business associates and encourage fellow members to become more actively involved with our Society. Let's make 2015 the largest on record for new and returning members and for active participation in our member-based programs. It will be a great start to making the next 45 years as strong as the first 45!
And lastly, our fall Board meeting will be held on November 1st. So, please read all upcoming Pyramid Society e-mails and other forms of communication for any and all relevant membership activity updates. Our goal is to keep each of you as well informed as possible.
Continue enjoying your horses and the friends you've made because of them!


Bob Miars


The Pyramid Society