President's Perspective - September, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 6:29am

Greetings Pyramid Society Members and Egyptian Arabian Enthusiasts:

I hope all of you are carving time out of your busy schedules to thoroughly enjoy your horses! I want to take this opportunity to discuss the Golden Scarab Sweepstakes (GSS) Program with you. If you’re like me, when this program was officially launched in the 2012 Stallion Guide, it was a bit easy to put this information on the back burner. After all, this program would feature Egyptian Sired yearling classes at the 2015 Egyptian Event - and 2015 seemed a long time off!

However, with time passing way too quickly (please forgive me for reminding you of that), I felt this issue of the Chariot provided both an excellent opportunity to encourage your involvement as well as refresh your memories about this program. In this Cliff Notes version, I want to highlight the following:

Its Purpose - it was designed with two major goals in mind:

(1) To provide outstanding incentives for both Egyptian and non-Egyptian breeders to breed to Straight Egyptian stallions;

(2) To provide even more excitement at the annual Egyptian Event through GSS class paybacks. '

How it Works - Straight Egyptian stallion owners who enrolled their stallions in the EBC Auction became eligible to participate in the GSS by paying an annual $500 nomination fee. There are 18 nominated GSS straight stallions (click to see the list!) whose progeny will be eligible to show in these inaugural 2015 GSS classes, providing all mare owners nominate their unborn foals into the program. Please note: both stallion owners and mare owners, whether Straight or Egyptian Sired, pay this $250 mare nomination/sustaining fee for every foal nominated into the program. These in-utereo foals must be nominated by December 31st to be eligible to compete in 2015.

Paybacks - will consist of money from the stallion nomination fees, mare nomination fees and from the GSS class entry fees. The Pyramid Society will retain only 10% of all fees for the inaugural year to help build the pot. Payouts will go to the Top 5 winners in these new ATH yearling classes.

Again, if you have bred to one of these nominated Straight Egyptian stallions in 2013, we strongly encourage you to nominate your unborn foal into this exciting new program. Futurity forms will be mailed from The Society’s office, and they will also be available on the web after the member mailout next month. (As a caveat here, at present the forms are located under Membership/Member Benefits. However, we are revising our web to make our “Breeder Programs” easier to locate. Look for this important revision soon.) 

And lastly, if you’re a Straight stallion owner, please consider the advertising and monetary opportunities available through the GSS and plan to enroll your Straight stallion in both the EBC and GSS in 2014. Thank you again for your participation in all of our programs as well as for your ongoing support of our Society.


Bob Miars
The Pyramid Society