President's Perspective - November, 2013

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 - 9:54am
Greetings Pyramid Society Members and Supporters:

On behalf of the governing board of The Pyramid Society, I am pleased to officially publish The Pyramid Society’s Positional Statement regarding the approved definition of Straight Egyptian bloodlines. To reiterate The Society’s position, all bloodlines originally designated as Straight Egyptian at the founding of The Society ARE indeed considered Straight Egyptian. In our ongoing efforts to continually educate about our rich history, we will be publishing more in-depth articles about the founding of The Pyramid Society as well as the rationale behind the chosen bloodlines. We take great pride in our Straight Egyptian horses and the impact they have made world-wide and we welcome and support all fellow Straight Egyptian Breeders who share our passion.

The Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse - A Statement of Confirmation for All Approved Bloodlines

The Pyramid Society is concerned with the indiscriminate use of the Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse definition and with the unfounded allegations that are being propagated about the integrity of certain bloodlines embraced by this definition.

The Pyramid Society is the exclusive global authority entitled to determine which horses are considered Straight Egyptian per the definition that they established and introduced in 1969. Years of careful research have gone into determining which bloodlines of the horses bred in Egypt would form the genetic pool for the Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse breed. This genetic pool was predominantly chosen from the Royal Agricultural Society/Egyptian Agricultural Organization stock and from horses bred on the private farms in Egypt which were also felt to possess the desirable characteristics sought by The Pyramid Society and were supported by verifiable and authoritative breeding records. The breeding of Straight Egyptian Arabian horses has continued with global success for over forty years based on this definition and the parameters carefully established in 1969. Those horses withstood the test of time as evidenced by their ability to regenerate their unique type and nobility in their progeny and in the Arabian horse population at large.

The Pyramid Society urges all breeders of Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses to refute all those unfounded claims that have often been propagated due to lack of knowledge of the horses included in the definition of the Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse or to serve questionable marketing agendas. The pedigrees of all the founding horses have been scrutinized and vetted closely by the founding members of The Pyramid Society in collaboration with the Egyptian Agricultural Organization and no evidence has since presented itself to give reason to question any of the approved bloodlines.

In setting this definition, The Pyramid Society did not intend to infer that Arabian horses bred in Egypt are superior to other Arabian horses with different bloodlines. However, it was felt that the horses bred in Egypt falling within the Society's definition, were a proven source of the desirable characteristics, qualities and traits that the founders of The Pyramid Society sought to perpetuate and preserve. The Pyramid Society encourages every Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse breeder to study and understand this definition, and to stand united to preserve the legacy and secure the future of the Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse breed. We welcome all those who share our vision and passion for this unique Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse and ask that all inquiries concerning any of the approved bloodlines be directed to The Pyramid Society.


Bob Miars
The Pyramid Society