President's Perspective - August, 2013

Thursday, August 29, 2013 - 12:13pm

Greetings Pyramid Society Members and Egyptian Arabian Enthusiasts:

It is with pleasure that I advise you that Lisa Cifrese of Thornwood Farm, LLC., in Stockton, New Jersey, has been elected as Secretary of The Pyramid Society. As an officer, Lisa will join Becky, Majid and me on the Executive Committee, and we look forward to working with her in this new capacity. Lisa, elected to the board in 2011, was quickly put to work as Chair of the Membership Committee and she will continue to serve in that capacity as well.

I also take great pride in announcing that Omar Sakr has been elected to the Board of Directors to complete Bridgette Orwig’s three year term. We congratulate Omar on being the first overseas member to serve in this capacity. Certainly, it seems most befitting that a native Egyptian with a long and successful history as a Straight Egyptian breeder fill this inaugural seat. Omar has been most influential in the international community and will be a tremendous asset as we continue to expand our presence in the international arena. Going forward, the goal will be to have at least one overseas member serving on our governing board. Please read the expanded article in next month’s Chariot to learn more about Omar’s philosophy and goals as a board member. Again, welcome Omar.

With the elections of both Lisa and Omar to their new positions, I would be remiss to again not extend my most sincere appreciation to Bridgette Orwig for her exemplary service to our Society. She was one of the most dedicated and hardest working individuals I know, and she will be greatly missed in her leadership role on the Board.

I also want to advise you that our Board met in earnest to begin reassessing and reevaulating every aspect of our Egyptian Event. All of us take pride in the fact that The Event has remained one of the most viable shows in the overall industry. We do, however, understand that it is both a long and expensive show for our exhibitors and attendees.

We also realize that it is impossible to be all things to all people and that we have to continue asking ourselves one overarching question: “How can we make our Event even more fundamentally relevant to the Straight Egyptian breeder and owner?” We must not lose sight of our original mission of the Event being a breeders’ showcase for the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse. We must also look at how we can serve our members and their horses most effectively in the larger community.

In continually assessing this big picture and wrestling with these questions, changes will be inevitable; some, perhaps, difficult. However, as pledged when I became your President, I will keep you apprised of not only board decisions but the careful thought that went into those decisions.

Our organization has remained viable because of its dedicated membership, and going forward, that commitment and support will continue to be both needed and appreciated.


Bob Miars
The Pyramid Society