Thursday, January 9, 2020 - 8:49am


The Pyramid Society.

Our inspiration is the Egyptian Arabian.

Our strength is the people who love them.

Looking back over fifty years of innovation and achievement, The Pyramid Society is justifiably proud of our organization’s successes. We have also been blessed with dedicated members around the world whose generosity has sustained the Society and enabled the Egyptian Arabian to survive and thrive. Moving forward into a new decade, it is important to remember the lessons of our Founders and stand united in our vision. To nurture a bright future, the Society must honor both mission and purpose, emphasizing our commitment to this “breed within a breed” with enhanced education, research and promotion. In a world of profound changes, we must strive to introduce new people to our magnificent horses, inspiring and educating the new owners and breeders of tomorrow.

Now, perhaps more than ever, we need your support in uniting Straight Egyptian owners, breeders and enthusiasts around the globe. Looking forward, we understand that in our rapidly changing world, where technology and digital advances abound, we must work diligently to embrace new ideas and models that focus on the positive life-enhancing experiences that our members enjoy with their Egyptian Arabian horses.

To join The Pyramid Society is to become a member of a group that includes the most influential breeders in the world – a look at our Life Members is a virtual history of the breed’s most legendary farms. Remember, however, it is today’s members – dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate – who will lead The Pyramid Society into the next chapter and become the legends of tomorrow. Won’t you join them?  

Most Sincerely,



Rebecca (Becky) Rogers, President








Mission:  The Pyramid Society is an international breeders’ organization dedicated to the preservation, perpetuation and promotion of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse as the premier source of classic Arabian type in the world.

Vision:  The Society strives to unite its members in the breeding of superior quality Straight Egyptian horses and to encourage the use of their blood as a source of the classic refinement necessary for the Arabian breed at large.  We envision The Society as the leader of a worldwide community of breeders, owners, and devotees united in the pursuit of excellence.