President's Corner - January, 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 5:47am
Dear Pyramid Society members and Egyptian Arabian enthusiasts,

The powerful word "ideas" comes to my mind with both of my topics in this month's President's Corner.

Regretfully, I advise you that Allison Mehta-Westley has resigned from the Board of The Pyramid Society. Allison, along with her husband Curt, have been incredibly active members of The Pyramid Society since joining in 1999. Allison was elected to the board in November 2005 and has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Egyptian Arabian horse and this organization. Her skill as a breeder; her financial support; her creativity and diligence, both before, during and following The Egyptian Event (including the decorating of the arena); the birth of the Kalkata and the Golden Scarab Sweepstakes (GSS); as well as her first-class open houses at Talaria showcasing the Straight and Egyptian-Sired horses; her acumen as a businesswoman; and more recently, her spearheading the Sylvia Zerbini finale; all serve as examples of Allison's powerful ideas and of her ability to bring these ideas to fruition. We will miss her greatly as a Board member but rest assured we will continue to be rewarded by Allison's ideas and talents as she works on behalf of the Egyptian Arabian horse and The Pyramid Society. Allison will also continue to serve on several committees, including the EE ceremonies and the GSS. Indeed, Allison, you are very much appreciated.

As everyone knows, ideas fuel additional ideas, and sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea. The Pyramid Society understands the importance of its role on the world-wide stage as attested in our Mission Statement, which reads in part, "We envision The Pyramid Society as the leader of a worldwide community of breeders, owners, and devotees united in the pursuit of excellence." We believe the door to that next step - those next great ideas - has been opened by our friends in Egypt who wish to form a Strategic Alliance between The Pyramid Society and the Egyptian Arabian Horse Pyramid Foundation of Egypt. This inaugural step was launched at our November 2012 Board Meeting and, although in its infant stages, much groundwork has already been laid for this template to be successful both in Egypt and/or other countries. I will continue to keep you apprised of updates and am encouraged in saying it is the beginning of a stronger Pyramid Society presence on the world-wide stage with Egyptian Arabian horses

Enjoy your horses, realizing they provide both joy and friendships that last a life time!

Bob Miars
The Pyramid Society   photo by Lisa Abraham