President's Corner - February, 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013 - 7:28am

Dear Pyramid Society members and Egyptian Arabian enthusiasts,

With start of the New Year it means that June and The Egyptian Event are not far away. The committees have been hard at work and have completed their plans which include some exciting changes.

In an effort to improve the judging system during the Event, there will be several changes, starting with the “Standard of Excellence” as the standard for judging the Event. I encourage you to purchase this booklet from our Marketplace, if you haven’t already done so. Further, the use of seven judges (4 as Event judges and three separate EBC) will be accomplished with five rotational judges beginning in 2013. Three will be judging halter, one will be monitoring for rule violations, and one will be sitting out at any given time. A single judge will continue to judge the performance classes. The EBC judges will be drawn from the panel and all five judges will be used for the Championships. There will also be an additional judging category implemented by AHA which is “balance at the walk”. A TPS member also suggested the presentation of the horses to the judges to be in the same order in which the horses entered the ring for all classes. This will also become a policy in 2013. It is important to understand and appreciate the fact that the Egyptian Event scoring system is completely unique within the overall industry. The judges are faced with this unique system and the difficulty of establishing a comfort level with our scoring system. The Board will continue to evaluate in its ongoing goal of assuring more consistency in the Event judging panels.

I am also excited to announce our two newest Board members, Cynthia Culbertson (below, left) and Jaleen Hacklander (below, right).


Both have been active, dedicated members and will be assuming key responsibilities on the Board. Cynthia will chair the International Outreach Committee with an immediate priority of developing the goals of the Strategic Alliance with the Egyptian Arabian Horse Pyramid Foundation of Egypt. Jaleen will continue to serve on the Membership Committee and will assume the responsibility of the EE Center Ring design and the Educational Committee EE Photo Exhibit. Please join me in showing our appreciation for their continued dedication to the Pyramid Society and the Egyptian Arabian horse.

In an effort to keep the membership better informed of the Board plans and actions, per a member’s suggestion, a condensed summary of each Board meeting will be available in the “Members Only" section of the TPS website, starting with our January meeting. I want to encourage all members to assist in strengthening The Pyramid Society through direct member involvement, which is essential for any membership-based organization. The Board has adopted a revised committee structure with each Board member assuming direct responsibility for the key roles of The Pyramid Society. The Standing Committees are requested to provide action plans with funding requirements for Board approval, thus eliminating committee work at the Board level. Your suggestions are referred to the appropriate committee for consideration and I would also encourage your direct involvement.

Our success will be a collaborative joint effort based on our personal commitment to the Egyptian Arabian horse. Looking forward to seeing you at the Event for our celebration of the “Mares: Queens of the Nile!”

Bob Miars
The Pyramid Society