The Passing of Ansata Nile Echo

Friday, September 8, 2017 - 4:21pm

BEAUTY IS ITS OWN EXCUSE FOR BEING - and he was beautiful in many ways. We regret the passing of ANSATA NILE ECHO. It seems like yesterday that he was a yearling at Ansata, and moved on to Qatar to found a dynasty there. He could literally "trot a hole in the wind" and was often referred to as the King of Trot. A magnificent son of his father, Ansata Hejazi, his legacy in Arabian horse histrory is assured. These pictures by Glenn Jacobs, who cared for him throughout most of his lifetime, and the trotting picture of him as a three year old by Irina Filsinger illustrate his charisma and style. The Egyptian Arabian horse world will miss him.