A Message from The President - December, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 7:00pm
Dear Pyramid Society Members, Someone once said to me, "The destination is not the final resting place, but instead, the opportunity to look at things in a new perspective."  As the incoming President of The Pyramid Society, truer words were never spoken! Certainly from this new perspective, one thing remains certain; I am indeed fortunate to follow in the footsteps of great leaders and mentors. I take this opportunity to tip my Texan-size hat to every Trustee, Board member, staff, member, and enthusiast, for your continued dedication and support of this organization.  I could not begin this new journey without you.

Moving forward, I would like to communicate with you on a more regular basis about our organization.   Look for "The President's Corner" in the monthly "Chariot", beginning in January.  And I hope to receive your feedback as well; whether it's positive or less than positive, your thoughtful feedback is important to all of us.   I've learned through the years that when I've been overly critical, I often didn't know the rest of the story.  I'll be more than happy to share our side of the story, in an effort to continually garner your trust and grow our organization. 

Secondly I want to regularly update you on our financial situation.   It's customary that we provide year-end figures as part of our annual meeting in June, but I realize many of you don't have the opportunity to attend this meeting.  Like most other businesses operating in these hard economic times, the last few years we've seen our year-end figures suffer, along with our reserves.  In 2012 we exceeded expenses by $5,560 and had a revenue shortfall of ($33,165), resulting in a ($38,725) deficit that was funded from our reserves.

Unlike the federal government,  our board believes it prudent to: (1) balance our budget and; (2) reduce expenses without cutting services.  There will be increases in Egyptian Event fees for 2013 and the Board approved eliminating the credit card processing fee expense of $15,500 to produce a balanced budget.  One way you can help us achieve our goal is by paying for your services with a check, rather than a credit card.  Going forward and effectively immediately,  there will be a 3% administrative processing fee when paying with a credit card.  We will certainly offer a payment plan when purchasing large ticket items over $1,000.00.  However, as always, please remember that payment is due in full before services are rendered.

Again, I am honored to serve as your President.  I will do everything possible to earn both your respect and your dedication, and my hope is that we can look at both our challenges and our opportunities, not from the destination, per se, but from our collective new perspective.

Most sincerely,

Robert L. Miars
President, The Pyramid Society