Member Spotlight - March, 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015 - 7:48am
Kevin and Allyson Nutt - Grain Valley, MO
United States

Our March Member Spotlight takes us to Grain Valley, Missouri. Here we get to know members Kevin & Allyson Nutt of Acorn Arabians, and learn of their journey with Egyptian Arabian horses....

How did you first become involved with Egyptian Arabian horses? 

Kevin was instrumental in bringing me to the SE world. He fell in love with some of the greats, and introduced me to them. I loved Arabians, but didn't know much about the SE world. What are some of your horses' greatest accomplishments? Although we haven't shown much, we have a colt in training at the Jeffries Arabian Center, and hope to have him show at this years Event. What bloodlines/strains and qualities do you breed for? We love the older bloodlines and are breeding for movement and athleticism. 

What are some of your fondest memories of your involvement in The Pyramid Society? We joined in 2007 and have been continuous members ever since. Before we bought our first SE - I contacted the office, and I believe it was you Carol, that responded to me. I was questioning our first purchase, making sure she was what we were being told. I was really impressed that the Pyramid Society responded to "little ole me" and didn't ask for a dime! I knew then, that this Society was really out to help the SE people and those that wanted to be SE people. From the information we received, we bought our first SE mare. We continued educating ourselves, and found some very wonderful, informative, and genuine people in the SE world. I can remember how honored I was that Becky Rogers of Kehilan called me, and then she introduced us to Mary Ellen Chavez of Sonrisa Farms and Janice Bush also of Kehilan. These ladies have been instrumental in our breeding program and have gone above and beyond in helping us.

What do you value most about your Pyramid Society membership? The Pyramid Society provides unlimited education and of course the Egyptian Event. We were unable to attend last year, and I have to say, that was the worst week ever! We vowed to never miss another Event! Watching online is great, but nothing compares to a week at the Kentucky Horse Park the first week of June! We have met people from all over the world with the same desires and have also become involved with a local group, the Midwest Egyptian Arabian Horse Alliance, that promotes support and activities here in the Kansas/Missouri area. I was so impressed that the Pyramid Society graciously supported our small, but growing group of people in this area that also loved the SE and ES horses, not once, but three times this year, with our Spring Tour, Fall Tour, then our Breeding seminar in Columbia Missouri. From the Pyramid Society as our large group and the MEAHA group as our small group, and to our regional group headed by Jill Spizale. There is so much available through the Pyramid Society.