Member Spotlight - April 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - 4:55am
Jim Panek - Chico, CA

For our April Member Spotlight, we travel to Chico, CA. Jim Panek of JJ Arabians tells us his story about his journey breeding Arabian horses and how one horse catalyzed his Straight Egyptian breeding program into what it is today. 

My involvement in Egyptian Arabians began in the 1970’s when the desire to add more type, refinement, and quality to my existing program resulted in breeding two of our best mares to Ibn Morafic.  The results were excellent, and these offspring produced a dynasty of Arabians that excelled in the show ring on a national level.    Concurrently, I became a judge of Arabian horses, and became known for having a penchant for Arabian type.  I was privileged to judge the Egyptian Event several times, as well as several years of national and global judging opportunities.  At home, we had acquired our first straight Egyptian, the stallion El Naseet (Ibn Morafic X Sadeekah) and continued to breed and market lovely Egyptian-bred Arabians. 

Through judging the Egyptian Events, becoming acquainted with the straight Egyptian Arabian and the breeders involved; I developed great admiration and appreciation for the Pyramid Society and its continuing effort to establish a venue for the exhibition of the Egyptian Arabian through the Egyptian Event,  as an organization to support its members in their quest to popularize the Egyptian Arabian, and as a cohesive support mechanism for the Egyptian Arabian enthusiast.

The acquisition of the weanling straight Egyptian colt Arabest Kamil (Ansata Iemhotep X RA Amber Nabiel) in the year 2000 became the catalyst to develop a straight Egyptian breeding program. Always a ravenous student of bloodlines and the qualities they represented, I had been drawn to the Ansata program because of its continuous production of quality and type. Being a son of one of Ansata’s finest efforts, Ansata Iemhotep, Arabest Kamil is a correct and well-balanced individual with both refinement and substance and a beautiful sculptured head. Arabest Kamil’s dam RA Amber Nabiel was by the legendary Nabiel.  I proceeded to develop a program around those bloodlines and made the decision to line breed to both sides of Arabest Kamil’s pedigree. Subsequently Ansata Nariyanna (Ansata Iemhotep X Ansata Nariya) and Sadeya TS (Arabest Samir X BF Summertime) joined us.  Sadeya TS has produced an outstanding filly JJ Kamilla by Arabest Kamil. JJ Kamilla is line bred to Nabiel through her dam  Sadeya TS  and her sire Arabest Kamil. Ansata Nariyanna is in foal to Kamal Ibn Adeed  (Al Adeed El Shaqab X NF  Bint Sajha).  Both parents of this pending foal are out of Ansata Hejazi dauaghters, and the foal will have four crosses to Ansata Halim Shah.

As a Pyramid Society member, I marvel at the efforts and consequent accomplishments of the organization.  The annual Egyptian Event with its host of classes and activities for members to excel and join in our common goals, the Breeder’s Conferences, and the tremendous effort that organizing and funding the promotion of Egyptian Arabian is unparalleled in our industry.  Anna Bishop and her staff in Lexington are a group of dedicated experts.  The Society is always looking forward—ie the support of the Egyptian classes at Scottsdale this year, the continuous Pyramid Society presence at all key Arabian events, and their interest and openness to the ideas and suggestions of all Pyramid Society members in support of the Egyptian Arabian.