KHP Electrical Safety Requirements

Monday, August 19, 2019 - 10:51am
This year, the Kentucky Horse Park is working more closely with the state fire marshal to ensure we have the safest environment and are not in violation of any regulations. Our number one goal is to keep everyone (both patrons and our four legged friends) safe when they are visiting the park and we would be so thankful if you could help us by letting your competitors and vendors know about these codes.
The most common violation involves extension cords and fans. We ask that there are absolutely no two wired extension cords or two wired fans. This requirement has been in place for quite some time at the park but please know, we are unable to be lax this year.
Other violations include:
·        Multiple connectors
·        Trip hazards
·        Exposed or damaged cords
·        Pinched cords (cannot be run under doors or through windows)
·        Power strips are allowed but should be plugged directly into outlets and devices must be plugged directly into strips (extension cords cannot be used with power strips)
·        Decorative paper must be fire resistant
·        Please do not hang anything from sprinkler lines
·        All electrical panels must have at least 3 feet of clearance in front of them
·        Please do not block any fire hydrants or fire alarm pulls
·        Please – no microwaves
·        We would prefer no coffee pots or refrigerators but at the very least, please no two wired appliances
We know you appreciate our striving to maintain a safe atmosphere while you’re at the park.
Thank you again for your assistance and we will see you soon!