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Mar 9th 2018

The 41st annual Region XII Arabian and Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show will be held May 7-12 at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, GA. Straight Egyptian Classes will be held Saturday, May 12th.

Dec 6th 2017

The All American Straight Egyptian Challenge Cup kicks off  with the two and three year old Straight Egyptian classes at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show on Friday, February 16!

Straight Egyptian classes for both males & females that will be offered at the 2018 Scottsdale Show include:

Sep 14th 2017
Arabian National Breeder Finals Show
September 27 – 30, 2017
Press Release: Arabian National Breeder Finals to offer World Class Competition for Straight Egyptian Horses! 
The Arabian Horse Association of Arizona will be offering Straight Egyptian classes at the Arabian National Breeder Finals in 2017!  As the core bloodline for most of the Arabian Horse Breed, the Finals show is proud to offer a show case the classic Straight Egyptian Horse!   
Sep 13th 2017
If visionaries are described as those who think about or plan the future with imagination and wisdom, the results of the inaugural NOBLE Straight Egyptian Breeders’ Festival proved to be a vision fulfilled. Hosted  and organized by Mahmoud Anzarouti at his Sham Stables in Lochem, Netherlands on August 28, 2017, to coincide with the Egyptian Event Europe, the venue was as ideal as the vision itself. Rather than a competitive show, this vision presented a different platform for showcasing one’s horses.
Sep 13th 2017
Envision this horse show backdrop: A centuries-old German castle, impeccably maintained with beautifully manicured gardens and the storied white swan gliding along in the surrounding moat. No doubt you’d picture blue skies with a floating white cloud or two, mild temperatures, along with tree-lined showgrounds.
Aug 9th 2017

Come out and support our beautiful Straight Egyptians at the 38th Annual Music City Arabian Horse Show!

August 18-20th, 2017, at the Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, TN

Feb 7th 2017

The Arabian Horse Foundation has announced $9,694 in equine research funding for support of projects studying Juvenile Idiopathic Epilepsy (JIE) (a seizure condition that can affect very young horses), and Occipitoatlantoaxial Malformation (OAAM) (a compression of the upper portion of the cervical spinal cord caused by a malformation of the occipital bone of the skull and the first two cervical vertebrae) in the Arabian horse. Click the link below to read the Foundation's complete news release.  

Sep 19th 2016

Keri Wright chronicles his experience at 2016  Egyptian Event Europe held at its new location, Castle Dyck, just outside Dusseldorf, Germany.

Apr 19th 2016

2016 Al Khamsa Arabian Horse Annual Convention - Maintaining Genetic Diversity in Closed Breeding Groups.