Important News regarding upcoming Pyramid Society Transition

Monday, September 21, 2020 - 8:56am


Adapting and evolving is vital to an organization’s sustainment and success.  Particularly in these challenging times, it is more important than ever for non-profits to be innovative and forward-thinking in achieving their mission.   

To that end, the Board of Directors is transitioning from a “Volunteer Board” model to that of a “Working Board” on October 31, 2020.   While the Society has continually endeavored to reduce overhead costs, the changing complexion of the horse industry, particularly in the United States, makes the expense of a full-time office staff difficult to justify for an organization of our size.  The concept of a Working Board will mean that, in addition to their efforts in governing and overseeing the Society, the board members will now actively perform the Society’s work – including programs, fundraising and administration, while outsourcing only where necessary and when fully supported financially.  

This initiative means that existing resources and future funds raised by the Society will more directly benefit the programs and initiatives that fulfill our mission.  The Society has significant experience working in a “virtual” environment, so is well-positioned to continue operating via a similar model.  Members and enthusiasts of the Egyptian Arabian will also be invited to assist the Board, ensuring the talents and expertise of our diverse and enthusiastic membership are united in supporting our shared passion.  

"We have been blessed to have such wonderful, loyal and dedicated staff members on board," states Society President Rebecca Rogers, “so this decision does not reflect in any way on the talents and abilities of our office staff. We are so thankful for their skillful hard work and outstanding representation of TPS and I know all of you will join me in wishing Carol, Kim and Cynthia all the best for the future.”  

Please be assured that there will be continuity in Society contact information to ensure a smooth transition to the new Working Board.  As the Society necessarily adapts to a rapidly changing world, please know that one thing remains constant – we continue to be passionately dedicated to the preservation, perpetuation and promotion of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse around the globe.


Many thanks to Joanna Jonietz for the use of her beautiful photograph.