Judi Forbis Shares Highlights from Her Recent Visit to Kuwait

Friday, April 12, 2013 - 9:05am
Ansata Arabian Stud - Mena, AR
United States
Judith Forbis of Ansata Arabian Stud highlights her recent travels to Kuwait, where she was honored to present a lecture to several Egyptian breeders following her visit the Egyptian Event Kuwait...

Judith's lecture was "In the Eye of the Beholder - Breeding is a Journey, Not a Destination." As Judi states, "In addition to discussing breeding principles and the definition of what constitutes a "Straight Egyptian Arabian horse," I also mentioned theStandard of Excellence booklet that the Pyramid Society now has available."

Judi noted the overwhelming enthusiasm of Kuwaiti Egyptian breeders, whose breeding programs have continued to grow and improve. "It is a testimony to the Kuwaiti's love for the Arabian horse after the decimation of the breeding herd as a result of  the first Gulf War," she states.

After the show, Judi was also able to participate in a tour of the breeding farms, which she notes was a highlight of the week, demonstrating the dedication of both old and new breeders in Kuwait. She continues, "especially exciting is news that The Bait Al Arab Arabian Horse Center - the State Stud - is now under the patronage of the Amiri Diwan, and exciting things are happening there. Old buildings are being torn down and a new arena and better facilities are now under construction. Next year there will be a special Egyptian Event, and Kuwait will be the place to be and be seen!"