Cynthia Culbertson to be Named Pyramid Society Executive Director

Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 1:14pm

Cynthia Culbertson to be named Executive Director of The Pyramid Society following Retirement of Anna Bishop


Cynthia _ Richard Bryant Photo_0.jpg

The Pyramid Society is pleased to announce that Cynthia Culbertson will assume the position of Executive Director upon the retirement of the Society’s long-term Executive Director Anna Bishop in September of 2018. 

An enthusiast, owner, breeder and historian of the Straight Egyptian Arabian for over 40 years, Cynthia has served in past positions on the Board of Directors of both The Pyramid Society and The Pyramid Foundation Inc., as well as worked with the Society on a variety of projects and publications over the past 20 years.  In addition to her equine-related work on various book, film and museum projects, Cynthia has more than twenty-five years experience in project management and management analysis for corporate, government and non-profit platforms in multi-cultural environments.

“I feel extremely honored for this opportunity,” states Cynthia.  “It goes without saying, however, that Anna Bishop is simply irreplaceable and we have been so blessed as an organization by her loyalty and dedication over the years.”  While Cynthia officially joins the Society in March, Anna has agreed to stay on during a transitional period through the 2018 Egyptian Event.   “I am particularly thankful to Anna for her generous agreement to work together to guarantee the smoothest possible transition,” Cynthia remarks.  In conclusion, Cynthia states, “I want to assure the Society and its members I will do my very best for this great organization.  Although there are many challenges in the equine world today, I know we remain united in our belief that we represent a truly unique horse that deserves our utmost care and support today and for future generations.”