Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - 5:24pm
In direct response to our members' requests, The Pyramid Society is pleased to announce there will be two AOTS classes offered for Straight Egyptian and Egyptian Sired mares, fillies and geldings of all ages: a traditional halter class and a Sport Horse In-Hand class!
USEF guideline for Amateur Owned, Trained, and Shown (AOTS):
AOTS - Amateur Owned, Trained, and Shown. Classes may be offered in any section. Exhibitors, attendants, and headers must meet the specifications for amateur status (refer to GR1306 and GR1307). Horses are not to have been professionally trained and/or shown by a professional for a period of one year immediately prior to the competition (riding and driving instruction for the owner to be excluded). In addition, horses are not to be exhibited, prepared, groomed or schooled with the aid of or by a professional while on or off the competition grounds immediately before or during the competition. Horses may be stabled with a professional during the competition, and hauled by a professional. Professional help for situations relevant to safety is permitted. Owner must sign as owner, trainer, and rider/driver/handler on the USEF/AHA entry blank.
We welcome your participation! 
Complete information and premium lists for the 2018 Egyptian Event will be available in the Spring of 2018. The 2018 Egyptian Event will be held August 29-September 1 at the Kentucky Horse Park. Premium Membership in The Pyramid Society is required for participation.

Pictured is TF Sweet GeorgiaBrown (Botswana x Sweet Stella V) 2017 Champion ATH Egyptian Mares/Fillies and handler Jacob Wilson. TF Sweet GeorgiaBrown is owned by Curt Westley & Allison Mehta of Talaria Farms. Photo by Suzanne Sturgill.