Achaean Arabians and Youth Riders Promote Egyptian Arabians at Spring Equine Extravaganza

Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 10:38am
Achaean Arabians - Goldvein, VA
United States
Michael and Cindy Stylianos gave a detailed account of Achaean Arabians' youth riders participation in the 3rd annual Spring Equine Extravaganza, hosted by the Skyline Riders 4-H Club in Warren County, Virginia:

"Jasmine Montes and Brittany Iames started the demonstrations with a display of Mounted Native Arabian Costume. Jasmine, wearing an outfit from Iraq, rode her bay mare, Faaraah Nile Moniet and used the authentic native bridle and saddle from Saudi Arabia. Brittany rode Qudifa Imiir in Jasmine’s native costume."

To show off the Arabian versitility, the Achaean team highlighted four disciplines: "Jasmine Montes on Faarah Nile Moniet demonstrated dressage; Brittany Iames on the grey mare Achaean Ariadni rode hunt seat; Jacque McKenzie on the grey gelding Qudifa Imiir exemplified endurance; and Alexis Lytle on her grey gelding HMT Megadda Galal displayed western." Each rider had the chance to talk to the audience about their discipline and the horse they were riding.

All the horses used in the two demonstrations were Straight Egyptian Arabians, either owned or once owned by Achaean Arabians.

"The last demo of the day for Achaean Arabians was with Justin, the 18.1 black Percheron gelding, who," Cindy and Michael muse, "thinks he is an Arabian." Michael Stylianos rode Justin and talked about his history, first as a wheel horse in the famous Heniz Percheron Hitch, and later as a cassion horse for Arlington Cemetary. "Justin is at his forever home with a herd of Straight Egyptian Arabians, one Haflinger and two Miniature Horses."