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Sep 21st 2018

The Egyptian Event, in its second year in Egypt, is brought to you by the Egyptian Arabian Horse Pyramids Foundation to showcase and honor yet another of Egypt’s eternal treasures to humanity – the Egyptian Arabian Horse.  This three-day event is more than just a  horse show for this unique “breed within a breed” of the Arabian horse.  It is an opportunity for breeders, enthusiasts and scholars and lovers of the breed to come together to celebrate this magnificent creature. 

Come join us in the festivities as we pay tribute to the Priceless Egyptian Heritage!

Aug 31st 2018

Don't forget The Pyramid Society's annual Member Breakfast and Meeting! Breakfast is served at 8:00 AM in the Patrons' Lounge, above the covered arena concourse. Reservations are required.

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2018 Compiled Results


Aug 30th 2018

The day begins with breakfast at historic Spindletop Hall followed by Joe Ferriss' tribute Celebrating 60 Years of the Ansata Legacy, graciously sponsored by Al Rayyan and Al Shaqab.

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Aug 30th 2018

All classes are streamed live and posted on-demand on is uploading the full program classes each evening so that they may be viewed on-demand the next day.

Gold and Silver subscribers may request downloadable class videos for $25 each.


Gold: $25/month

Silver: $10/month

Monthly subscriptions run 30 days from the date of initiation, and may be cancelled at any time.

Aug 30th 2018

Start the day with our seminar, Finding the True Arabian Partnership with Andres Castano and Patrick Sullivan, sponsored by OGM Arabians

Don't Forget the Egyptian Event Live Stream is provided by

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