Miars Arabian Ranch



The Miars Arabian Ranch stretches over 840 acres in East Texas of hay fields, pastures filled with black angus cattle, forest packed with riding trails and pastures filled with 12 exquisite Straight Egyptian Arabian breeding mares. On any given day you can find Bob working on the farm, managing the cattle operation, the hay operation and most important to him an Egyptian Arabian breeding operation. Sue spends much of her time endurance riding with her granddaughter Piper for pleasure on their many miles of trails with the purpose of conditioning young riding horses.

The supportive and helpful nature of the Egyptian Arabian community is another quality of this industry that inspired Bob and Sue to devote their time to preserving these horses. When asked, Bob summarized the support he has felt from his peers, “The predominant interest is love and promotion of the breed, which is why all are so willing to help and share with each other. We all share a common goal - The preservation and promotion of the Egyptian Arabian horse”.

Bob and Sue joined the Pyramid Society in 2001 becoming Life Members in 2006 and in 2007 Bob became a Board Member with The Pyramid Society.