Golden Scarab Sweepstakes


Do you have a foal due in 2016 to a Pyramid Society 2014 Golden Scarab Stallion? Nominate your foal-in-utero by December 31, 2015, and compete at the 2017 Egyptian Event for impressive prize money in the new "Golden Scarab" classes!

2015 is your last opportunity to breed to a Golden Scarab Stallion! Look for the Golden Scarab Sweepstakes LOGO on ads, online, and in your paperwork to indicate GSS-nominated stallions!

The Pyramid Society Golden Scarab Sweepstakes futurity program was designed with two major goals in mind:

(1) To provide outstanding incentives for both Egyptian and non-Egyptian breeders to breed to exceptional Straight Egyptian  stallions; and

(2) To provide even more excitement at the annual Egyptian Event through GSS yearling class paybacks!

  • Straight Egyptian stallion owners who have enrolled their stallions in the EBC Auction become eligible to participate in the new GSS by paying an annual $500 nomination fee to build up the GSS pot. (Click the button below or download printable enrollment forms at the bottom of this page)

    Click here to enroll a GSS Stallion online today!
  • Straight Egyptian or purebred, non-Straight mare owners breeding to a GSS stallion may elect to pay a $250 nomination fee for each foal nominated into the GSS, further building the pot! (All mares must be nominated by December 31st of the year in which they were bred)

    Click here to nominate your Mare-in-foal to a GSS Stallion online today!
  • Resulting foals will compete at the annual Egyptian Event beginning in 2015 (for foals bred in 2013) and culminating in 2017 (for foals bred in 2015) for exciting cash awards in the Golden Scarab ATH yearling classes!

MARE OWNERS: all GSS Stallions have...

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