Member Benefits

When you become a Pyramid Society member at any level, you are linked to our global network of like-minded people, opening the door to a wealth of valuable member benefits...
$175 | Supporting  ·  $350 | Premium†  ·  $6,000 | Life

MEMBERS at all levels receive these great benefits!

MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORYan invaluable resource connecting members to fellow Straight Egyptian Arabian enthusiasts around the globe.

MEMBER NEWS AND EVENTS published on our website and distributed in our E-Newsletter, "The Chariot"

THE SPONSOR A NEW MEMBER PROGRAM - Receive Gift Certificates through the Sponsor A New Member Program.Current members may receives gift certificates for new members they sponsor throughout the year based on the membership level of the new member: $25 for Supporting, $50 for Premium, $100 for Life Members. New members who are sponsored will also receive gift certificates based on their membership level: $25 for Premium, $50 for Life. A letter of sponsorship (or email) must be submitted with the membership application. A “New Member” is defined as someone who had not been a member of The Pyramid Society for the past one year or more. Sponsors must be current Pyramid Society members. New members will be eligible to sponsor others beginning with their first renewal year.  Gift certificates are good toward the purchase of Pyramid Society merchandise and in-house advertising.

EDUCATIONAL REFERENCE MATERIALS for the worldwide Straight Egyptian Arabian community provided at a discount to members.

ONLINE PROFILE LISTING with your logo, social links and promotional text to enhance your search rankings.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES with special member rates and access at regional events, as well as at Egyptian Breeders’ Conferences.

TARGETED ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES with web and print packages tailored to your marketing needs, with the logo usage in your ads and signage.

CUSTOMIZED PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS Please contact us to discuss personalizing your promotional materials for your marketing needs.

OUTREACH PROGRAM share your passion with the Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse with others. 

DEDICATED MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE with representatives located across the U.S. and Canada, serving to promote networking, local and regional events, and provide member support.

PERFORMANCE HORSE AWARD PROGRAM providing worldwide recognition for your Egyptian Arabian athletes through international coverage. Includes complimentary enrollment and bonus awards for members.

INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE in the Upcoming Reference Handbook of Straight Egyptian Horses Worldwide Volume XIII.

PARTICIPATE IN THE BUSINESS PARTNER PROGRAM This popular program provides discounts from fellow members on products and nonbreeding services. All members also have the opportunity to enroll their businesses at no cost for exceptional marketing advantages.

COMPLIMENTARY PUBLICATIONS and promotional materials such as ourYearbook for distribution at your farm and other regional activities.

MEMBERS-ONLY ACCESS to exclusive online content and resources.

A PROFESSIONAL STAFF dedicated to assisting our members in taking advantage of every available benefit.



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