Standard of Excellence: A Guide to The Pyramid Society Straight Eygptian Arabian Horse (2012)

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The Pyramid Society
The Standard of Excellence has been developed by The Pyramid Society specifically for The Straight Egyptian Arabian horse and has been used as the basis for judging at The Egyptian Event since 2013.

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The Standard of Excellence is designed for use in the field, for reference in the showring, and for a permanent place on the shelves of every Egyptian Arabian owner - with 36 premium pages, a durable metal coil binding, and laminated covers for an extra-long shelf life.

The Standard of Excellence represents 45 years of dedication by The Pyramid Society to preserve the classic beauty and TYPE predicated by the legendary bloodlines of the Egyptian Arabian horse. Here's an excerpt from the Introduction page:

This guide is designed to define and illustrate the classic characteristics of conformation and type that identify a Straight Egyptian Arabian horse, with the variations that occur within different breeding groups. In addition to using sketches and pictures to illustrate type and structure, eyewitness accounts from historical desert travelers provide important impressions and information for the modern breeder... is designed to provide the reader with useful tools for further personal research, along with current information.... This Standard includes documented impressions and information from a wide variety of sources, including references from other international Arabian standards. At all times a basis in historical depiction has been sought with the intent to describe a horse distinctly bred for use in the harsh desert climate...

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