Equine Herb Power

Pyramid Society Members enjoy a 20% discount on health evaluations, including Equine Iridology and Energetic Evaluations, and 10% off herbal supplements for horses. Equine Herb Power, LLC (formerly Nirvana Natural Nutrition, LLC) provides holistic health and nutrition counseling services and herbal products for horses.


Discover how an herb program can help your horse to feel and perform at their very best, whether they are a performance, pleasure or breeding horse.  Symptoms are only a sign that the body is out of balance. Rather than treating symptoms, holistic healing support methods such as natural nutrition and herbs help the body to do its job better and regain balance naturally.

An herb and nutrition program may be beneficial for a wide variety of health imbalances experienced by horses in this modern, stressful world.  This is accomplished by identifying and removing the root causes of health problems, which include toxicity, stress, nutritional deficiencies and physical trauma. These roots can be found with tools such as Iridology, Equine Energetic Evaluations™ and a detailed health inventory. Natural nutrition and herbs are then used to address the root causes and help the body to rebalance itself.

Health is all about balance. Discover how to keep your horses in balance and healthy with Equine Herb Power!