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MSLS Sàrl ("MSLS") is a small family business based in Seeland, Switzerland founded in 2015. It initiates, manages and invests in sustainable projects and corporations that positively impact the lives of international equestrian communities from the Far East to the wild West. Through an international network of leading legal, sport and horse experts independently combining their horse passion with their legal profession, MSLS assists: riding clubs, project managers, sport federations. The MSLS team represents a leading authority in Equestrian sport management consultancy, community projects, horse rights, show jumping rules and equine law.  We assist our clients to initiate, grow and manage sustainable projects in Egypt, Switzerland, the EU and MENA Regions and strive to build community projects through economic, social and environmental international collaboration.

Currently we are researching and developing a studbook of a new breed of sport horses mixing Arabians native of Egypt and Franches-Montagnes (Freiberger) native of Jura-Seeland Region, Switzerland. 

MSLS strives to develop Arabian horses' full potential in popular equestrian sports disciplines, including show jumping, racing, eventing, dressage, beauty contests and endurance. Our aim is to design programs and create solutions to solve horse related challenges and develop their full potential, which ensures maximising their owners' asset value.

Our vision is to honor our Egyptian origins and civilization by promoting Arabian horses worldwide. We achieve our mission by organizing horse events, equestrian lifestyle entertainment, horsemanship education and riding skills workshops. Combining modern European equine applied sciences with alternative horse methods of desert nomads and ancient Egyptian riding culture, MSLS aspires to strike a balanced and innovative approach to horsemanship and riding. 

MSLS manages the following projects:
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MSLS strictly stands for the principles of the legal profession as adopted by the IBA, sports spirit of the Olympic Movement, horse well being of the FEI, the corporate governance best practices as set forth by the OECD and the sustainable development goals of the UN.