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A young mare with a bright future ahead, Gamilaa LSA has a kind, gentle demeanor and soft, liquid brown eyes that make her a dream to work with and to watch.

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2016 EBC Auction Breeding SOLD! FARHOUD AL SHAQAB (AL ADEED AL SHAQAB x JOHARA AL SHAQAB) 2008 Straight Egyptian Stallion Bred and Owned by Al Shaqab, Member of Qatar Foundation

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A printed anthology of slected content from THE SOURCE Volumes 1-4, The Complete Founders Series: "Architects of The Pyramid Society", 18 Heritage Horse Profiles, Developing a Breed: A Panel Discussion and "My Morning with Dr. Nagel".  Complete issues of THE SOURCE and other great Pyramid Society publications and member resources are always available for free viewing online at: WWW.ISSUU.COM/THEPYRAMIDSOCIETY