Breed Standards


Did you know...


That the Egyptian Arabian horse has “three things long, three things short, three things broad, three things clean,”


“From the ground to the withers, and from the point of the shoulder to the point of the buttocks, the horse should be nearly as tall as he is long,”


Lady Wentworth says “an ‘eye’ for a horse, is a gift like an ear for music...”


In the Pyramid Society's authoritative publication — STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE — learn what constitutes the ideal Egyptian Arabian Horse. Sharpen your knowledge of the historical basis for the traits we seek to perpetuate as breeders. This Standard is now used as the keystone judging guidebook for The Egyptian Event. Members, log in and CLICK HERE for sample pages!




Develop your "eye" for the Egyptian Arabian horse...

"Standard of Excellence" made its debut at the 2012 National Egyptian Breeders' Conference and is now for sale to the public EXCLUSIVELY from The Pyramid Society. Click the image above or call 859-231-0771.


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