Al Shaqab, Member of Qatar Foundation



Al Shaqab was established in 1992 and today boasts a rich and diverse group of straight Egyptian breeding families. It was the early acquisition of the mares Mesada (Maher x Nagwa) and Sehaba (Adeeb x Hasanat) from Egypt followed by Imperial Phanilah (Ansata Imperial x Imperial Phanandah), Sundar Alisayyah (Ruminaja Ali x Imperial Sayyah) and the revered stallion Ansata Halim Shah (Ansata Ibn Halima x Ansata Rosetta), all from America, that have collectively established the most noteworthy contribution, thus far, and we believe symbolize the foundation of Al Shaqab’s straight Egyptian breeding program.

Perhaps the most important contribution to the legacy of this foundation begins with Sundar Alisayyah’s 1995 son, Al Adeed Al Shaqab. Al Adeed is from the last foal crop of Ansata Halim Shah and is arguably the most significant successor to his renowned sire. For Al Shaqab’s principles the birth of Al Adeed represented more than quality, ideal conformation and extreme type, he was immediately recognized to be one of those rare individuals who equates to greater than the sum of his parents. His very being embodied a never-to-be-forgotten lesson, a consideration for every breeding decision that has ever and will ever been made at Al Shaqab – to contemplate every breeding decision with the intention to reproduce the quality and the very best characteristics of the sire and dam’s entire pedigree.

Of course this goal presented a number of questions that needed answering. And while one could argue that with Al Adeed’s pedigree it was inevitable that such a horse would be born, for the principles at Al Shaqab this consideration was no longer relevant. They were eager to answer the next important question, could Al Adeed breed? Would he consistently reproduce his quality and most desirable characteristics?

And breed he has. From the first foals born in 1998 to today, Al Adeed’s sons and daughters have captured among the most prestigious show titles around the world. And with a show career spanning more than ten years Al Adeed is himself among the most accomplished straight Egyptian show horses the breed has ever seen.

With 2014 Al Adeed will enter his nineteenth year. And now Al Shaqab’s managers are carefully considering a successor to Al Adeed’s legacy. An obvious contender is Farhoud Al Shaqab, a 2008 straight Egyptian stallion and grandson of that early Egyptian import, Sehaba, through her daughter Johara Al Shaqab.

Like Al Adeed, Farhoud was special from birth, captivating everyone that saw him. Within two years he had conquered the world’s premier straight Egyptian competition by not only being named 2010 Egyptian Event Champion Colt but Supreme Male. Two years later Farhoud’s first born daughter, Layali Al Shaqab, was awarded the title of 2012 Egyptian Event Champion Filly.

And so, like every breeder on their own path to cultivating the mare families and perpetuating the sire lines, we at Al Shaqab will continue our effort to preserve the vision of the Emir Father HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Kalifa Al-Thani and ensure a positive contribution to the future of the Arabian horse breed.