Salina Ramsay


Salina Ramsay has ridden and painted horses for most of her life. She began riding and painting horses at age five. Formal training began at age twelve when she learned contour and gesture drawing. Salina sold her first drawing to an art teacher at Statesville High School in NC when she was fifteen. Her first one-woman show was when she was in her early twenties in Matthews, North Carolina and consisted of a collection of Mecklenburg Hounds hunt scenes.

Salina has often divided her time between working as a professional horsewoman and painter since age fifteen. In her mid-twenties, Salina began hunting with Moore County Hounds while she worked as a groom and exercise rider of Thoroughbred horses. Currently, Salina enjoys working with adolescents as a Licensed Clinical Therapist, connecting them with therapeutic riding through Central Kentucky Riding For Hope, (CKRH).

Salina is a prolific painter and completes several major works each year in oil and watercolor. Salina’s most recent works can be seen on social media. Her next show is scheduled for July, 2019 in Santa Fe, NM. For the latest updates and new works, visit Salina Ramsay: Artist on Facebook.

Desert Flight

For this piece, I wanted to give the feeling of a desert horse in full flight. Originally, I wanted to deliberately paint wings into the sky. As I worked, I forgot about this intention. When I finished the horse, I realized there was an abstract pair of wings in the upper left corner of the painting. It has been my experience that creating art, like dreaming, is the subconscious mind communicating with the conscious mind.

“Dreams are the guiding words of the soul.”

-Carl Jung