Paola Marinangeli

2017 Showcase Artist 

My passion for Arabian Horses , the encouter with this wonderful breed dates back…more than 20 years ago. Over this long period of time I had the joy to portray very famous horses, had the pleasure to paint, to render Arabian Horse beauty with a classic style, using various techniques trying to maintain my ‘personal’ style but also to respect as much as possible Arabian Horse beauty and elegance. This classic style of painting is probably the one more famous and known among my friends and clients but it is also true that an artist needs to experiment, to find new forms of artistic inspiration to develop new styles and this is the main reason why the ‘FAIRYTALES ARABIAN HORSES collections’ are born and they are now a very special ‘section’ inside my classic painting production.

As a donation for this year Egyptian Event I have decided to send a piece from this new collection not only to show my Pyramid Society friends this new type of works but mostly because I believe very much in this ‘fantasy, fairy tale’ works…that brings ‘joy’….because have lot of colors, lot of gold and nice details. There is a source of inspiration behind these works, and it is the wonderful ancient tradition of Persian and Mughal miniatures and illuminated manuscripts, have been always interested in the history of art, with a special passion for Middle and Far East Arts so it was very natural for me to be impressed….guided….inspired by the many books about Islamic Arts I have always had in my library even before being involved with Arabian Horses., in these works there is also the experience i had as fashion designer for my late mother who had an high fashion laboratory, so used to design…invent…dresses, jewels, fabric motives all these ‘exercises and experiences’ have been so important for this type of works , for the jewels…the tents fabrics….the shawls adorning the horse bodies. Have to say I really really enjoy to make these paintings, completely absorbed by all these colors and having my fantasy ‘running’ free in a world of dream….poetry and wonderful colors.

I will continue with more energy and passion than ever to paint in my classic style, continuing to make portraits under commission something I love absolutely but, both under commission or for my own pleasure I will continue to follow this….fairy tale mood….this world of DREAMS because Arabian Horses are ….creatures of DREAMS and BEAUTY and they will be forever, my endless source of inspiration.

Paola Marinangeli
phone : 347 9810790
instagram acc. : paola_marinangeli