Donna Bernstein


"Creating my urban equine art is a bit of a bareback ride; I combine mediums in new and regenerative ways that evoke movement, energy and life.What gives my work its edge is a deep personal familiarity with the physical horse… and an expansive sense that the movement is bigger than what you see.”

Donna’s artistic journey into the marvel of medium and materials is breathtaking; she uses no brushes or tools to create her inked horses. Her subliminal control of proprietary mixtures of acrylics and water-based inks and pigments, both dripped and directed, emanates from a purely intuitive space. A personal artistic blend and signature clean, fresh style creates art that is modern in structure yet deeply intimate. Her most recent endeavors have expanded into performance of her art, into "Live Painting", during which she creates original works at events and fundraisers using her uniquely evolved process. Most notably she has created at Ferdinand's Ball in Kentucky pre-Derby, and in Ohio at the New Albany Classic in support of The Center for Family Safety and Healing.

Born in NY in 1954, Donna Bernstein is largely self-taught, yet has studied privately with such artists as international painter Robert Dash, contemporary abstractionist Christine Raymond, and modern metal sculpturist Sue Latta.

An artist by nature, having drawn, sketched and painted as a child, and after many successful years in business, she and her husband moved to McCall, ID and there, surrounded by beauty, nature, wilderness and horses, she re-connected to her art. She began marketing to numerous shows and galleries throughout the country. Working on technique at the Boise Art Museum she sculpted. A number of these pieces have been placed in permanent collections. Her collectors say it best:

 "Your art inspires thought."
  "Your art draws me in for a much deeper experience; every time I look I see more."
  "Your art has it all - motion and emotion."
  "Your art is full of vitality, energy; on the inside moving out."

Donna's personal studies in the arts is broad. She is inspired by the ancient cave paintings of Altamira and Lascaux; by Greek marble sculpture and form, and by Impressionist color - the scale and freedom of Monet. Classical influences most impacting her have been Rosa Bonheur, especially her definitive piece, "The Horse Fair".
 The abstract expressionists Pollock, Frankenthaler, and Mitchell, as well as the color field work of Mark Rothko, the clarity of Georgia O'Keefe, and the daring metal works of Deborah Butterfield have all conspired to inform her work. Experiencing these up close, feeling the strokes and personal energetic in their works, has been her master class.

Donna's works are shown throughout the country and collected around the world. Whether a private home, corporate or hospitality installation, her paintings complement their surroundings as well as carry an emotional atmosphere always in keeping with her client's aesthetic. Her work can be seen at The Fairmont Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ, St Luke's Hospital in Ketchum, ID, Idaho First Bank, and Bel Fuse Ltd in Kowloon, Hong Kong.



Donna Bernstein
Donna B Fine Art

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