Arte DeRosier


2018 Original, Character of the Stallions is 15" x 44" Pencil and colored pencil drawing on archival rice paper, set onto a Chinese silk scroll.

''Your horses are breathing; their eyes are alive; you capture their spirit, movement and essence,'' and, ''You--of all artists I've seen--have most successfully used horses as the element in creating true art.'' Such praises by sophisticated collectors and seasoned observers reveal DeRosier's fine art: positive, charming, effectively speaking a beautiful 'language' to the viewer's core... it conveys love of life, beauty, naturalness, vitality. She notes, 'The Arabian Horse is a most-compelling creation, meant to 'carry' us in both literal and symbolic usage... a noble gift from the Almighty, it's perpetually inspiring!'' 

A God-gifted, self-taught painter of classical Realism, DeRosier (formerly as 'Rush' until 2009), also creates vivid, energetic and flowing Impressionistic works. A longtime professional virtuoso, she's adept in using many art mediums and is accomplished in a variety of subjects, from miniatures to murals. ''I will not use a photoprojector that puts photos onto canvas to copy over,'' she states, ''I rely on keen recall--coupled with imagination and direct observations from decades of life with horses. I've joked, 'go ahead, ask me to draw in front of you: a horse that's upside down and backwards,' because I can. Yet, my artistic quest continues, including meeting successfully the challenges of commission work.''

DeRosier has been noted for giving more than the expected. She expresses much gratitude to her collectors (from 19 countries, to date), including patrons from Egypt, Kuwait and Qatar. ''Thus, thankfully, despite setbacks and losses from physical disabilities, I'm able to continue on oil painting to this day.'' Her annual donations of originals to The Pyramid Society have added significantly to their fundraising successes, and DeRosier keeps creating new treasures at her 12-acre property, shared with her Arabian, in pastoral New York state.