Youth Art Contest

Show us your love of horses!
Learn about the magic of Egyptian Arabian horses and submit your best art work. Kindergarten through 12th Graders can enter to win prizes, award certificates, champion ribbons and more!

All art will be displayed and awards presented on August 31st at: The 2019 Egyptian Event Kentucky Horse Park

ENTER by: August 1, 2019


Egyptian Arabian horses are magical creatures!

They come from the land of the Pyramids and have been beloved by kings and queens, princesses and princes. Today they are found around the world and enjoy meeting new friends – maybe one of them is you? They are an ancient breed, whose eyes are big and black and whose tails are held like flags. They are proud and noble, dancing on air and flying without wings! Long ago they were warriors’ horses – brave, strong and proud, but kind and loving to their masters. Although their appearance is delicate and elegant, they are also very strong since they came from the desert where they lived with very little food and water. If you needed a horse to gallop all day and all night, they would never let you down! Arabian horses are also the ancestors of many other famous breeds of horses, and Egyptian Arabians descend from the very finest Arabian horses. While everyone agrees that Arabians are the most beautiful horses, those who love Arabians will tell you that Egyptians are the most beautiful Arabians. Today, Egyptian Arabians are treasured around the globe. They would so honored that you chose them for your artwork and would love to meet you! To experience the MAGIC, please explore the photo-book and videos linked below.

Egyptians: The Most Beautiful Arabians from The Pyramid Society on Vimeo.




• Artwork must represent the “Spirit of the Horse” through the eyes of the artist. There will be a special award for the artwork best representing the “Magic of the Egyptian Arabian Horse.” (Please see the attached page for helpful facts and references on Egyptian Arabian horses.)

• Any medium is accepted: pencil, charcoal, watercolor, oil, etc. (PLEASE NOTE: Pastels or charcoal entries must be properly sprayed to prevent smearing.)

• Signatures or initials must appear on the front of the artwork, be no larger than 1” x 1.5” and be located in one of the two lower corners.

• Artist name must be clearly marked on the back of the artwork. • All submitted work must measure exactly 8” x 10” and may be horizontal or vertical.

• Artwork must NOT be matted, framed, or altered with any type of mounting, backing material, glass or layers of additional paper. Entries painted on canvas supported by stretcher bars are permitted.

• DISCLAIMER: On-site display may require tape or other mounting materials to be applied to artwork, and The Pyramid Society, volunteers, show officials and staff will not be liable for any damage that may inadvertently occur.


• Art will be judged by a panel of professional artists.

• Art will be judged according to how well the artist depicts the “spirit of the horse”, with a special award for the artwork that best depicts the magic of the Egyptian Arabian horse.

• The following age categories will each be judged separately: (Pre-K – 3 rd grade, 4th – 6 th grade, 7th – 9 th grade, 10th – 12th grade)


• Gold 1st, Silver 2nd, Bronze 3rd place and Honorable Mentions will be awarded in each age category. Winners will receive a Certificate of Award, a ribbon, and additional prizes.

• There will also be a special PYRAMID AWARD for the artwork that best captures the “Magic of the Egyptian Arabian horse”.

• Winners will be notified via email and text message on Thursday, August 29th. All other participants will be notified via email.

• Winners must be present at the Kentucky Horse Park covered arena on Saturday afternoon, August 31st in order to be recognized in the awards ceremony.

• Winning artwork will be featured on The Pyramid Society’s Youth Facebook Page and The Pyramid Society website following the Egyptian Event.


• Only one entry per student.

• Artwork must be received by August 1, 2019.

• Submit to: The Pyramid Society Youth Art Contest, 1588 Leestown Road, Suite 130-285, Lexington, KY 40511

• Completed entry form below must be submitted with artwork.

• Artwork will not be returned and remains the property of The Pyramid Society unless picked-up by the artist/family following the Saturday afternoon awards ceremony.

QUESTIONS? Contact: or call: (859) 231-0771.