The 2019 Stallion Showcase 

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Friday, August 30th at 1:30 p.m. in the Covered Arena

Your stallion will be presented individually in the main arena in alphabetical order as the announcer reads your promotional script. The presentation will be made in the north end and down a center aisle between viewers, allowing for ample time and an ideal environment for your stallion to make his best impression to those in attendance.


RECOGNITION IN THE SHOW PROGRAM: A Special Stallion Directory will include a color photo, contact information and a promotional script for each Showcase Stallion.
STREAMING VIDEO COVERAGE: Promotion of the Stallion Showcase via the live streaming video will be viewed by thousands of enthusiasts around the world.
ONE COMPLIMENTARY STANDARD HORSE STALL: A standard stall will be provided for each participating stallion. (NOTE: The maximum credit for this stall is $180. Premium stall locations will incur an additional cost.)
AN ATTRACTIVE PLANTER & SIGN: The planter and sign will be displayed for each participating stallion to direct the public to his stall.
(NOTE: These planters and signs remain the property of The Pyramid Society and are not to be removed from The Kentucky Horse Park following the show. Stallion owners will be charged a $150 fee for missing planters and/or signs.)
A MAP OF THE STABLE AREA: Maps will be made available to all visitors and exhibitors, identifying the location of each participating stallion.
AN EXCLUSIVE NECK RIBBON: Neck ribbons will be provided to each participating stallion to clearly identify him as a Showcase Stallion. Please pick up your ribbon at the in-gate prior to the presentation at 1:00 pm on Friday, August 3oth.


STALLIONS: must be Straight Egyptian, aged 3 years and older, and possess Straight Egyptian Certification by The Pyramid Society. All verified Straight Egyptian stallions enrolled in this year’s Stallion Showcase and EBC Auction will receive complimentary Straight Egyptian certification by The Pyramid Society.

Owners of participating stallions must be current Premium level members of The Pyramid Society. Stallion owners must also provide enrollment form, full payment, photograph, pedigree and promotional script not to exceed 100 words. Materials must be received by July 1, 2019 to guarantee coverage in the Event’s Show Program and on The Pyramid Society website.

AII stallions participating in this program are expected to be on the show grounds and available for public viewing by the opening of the show on August 28th. (See Stall Reservation Policy for complete details.)

STALL DISPLAY & DECORATION: Stalls are to be attractively decorated, including a display of free literature. Stalls are 1O' x 1O' boxes with Dutch doors or sliding doors. Stall doors and fronts are to be decorated in such a manner that each horse stabled therein can be seen by anyone at all times. Stall displays and decorations must be completed by Wednesday, August 28th at 9:00 a.m.
LITERATURE: Please provide ample promotional literature on each participating stallion for distribution to the general public at your stall area.
STAFFING: At least one knowledgeable person should be available at the stallion's stall area to answer questions, etc., during all hours that the Event is open to the public.
REFUNDS: If, for any reason, your stallion is unable to participate in this Event, 50% of the Stallion Showcase fee (if paid in full) will be refunded to the owner if written notification of withdrawal and a vet statement are received by August 9, 2019 at the Pyramid Society office. All refunds will be made no later than 30 days after the show.
PRESENTATION: Stallions are either to be shown "in hand", fitted with a suitable show halter with handlers dressed in show attire, or they may be presented under saddle, with riders also dressed in show attire.
STALLION'S "GET" MAY PARADE WITH SIRE: Horses entered in the Futurity and/or EBC, who are the get of a Showcase Stallion, may be paraded behind their sire in the Stallion Presentations. A limit of two get per stallion permitted.
SAFETY REGULATIONS: All handlers are required to abide by the following regulations. Any unacceptable and/or dangerous behavior by any stallion and/or handler shall be cause to ask the stallion and handler to leave the arena.
1. Stay inside the designated roped-off area with your stallions. No crossing over the line into the public side for any reason.
2. No junior handlers allowed.

$650 received by July 1, 2019
$750 received after July 1, 2019

Payment and the items listed below must be received by The Pyramid Society office by July 1, 2019 to assure inclusion in the Egyptian Event Show Program and on The Pyramid Society’s website.

Be sure to:

  • Complete the fields below.
  • Send us your EBC Enrollment Form and 2020 breeding contract if also enrolled in the EBC.
  • Send us an 8 x 10 color 300 dpi digital .jpg or .tiff image
  • Send us a Digital file of promotional script (descriptive profile about your stallion, consisting of 100 words maximum) to be read by the show announcer. (The Pyramid Society reserves the right to edit this material as necessary. Scripts over 100 words may be returned for editing.)
  • Send us a clearly legible copy of Straight Egyptian Certification by The Pyramid Society

Download & print the PDF: 2019 ENROLLMENT PACKAGE 


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I hereby submit my Straight Egyptian Stallion at my own risk, and subject to all rules and regulations of the Egyptian Event. I further agree that should any damage of loss occur to the horse or to any person or property, it is my responsibility, and I will make no claim against the Pyramid Society or Event Management.