Outreach Program Guidelines

OUTREACH for this purpose is defined as reaching out to the community to introduce both the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse and The Pyramid Society.  The community will include all equine owners and enthusiasts and Straight Egyptian Arabian horse owners – both members and nonmembers of The Pyramid Society.

The Goal of the OUTREACH program is to encourage membership and participation in The Pyramid Society and to increase interest in the ownership of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse.  Both the Straight Egyptian Arabian and The Pyramid Society should be emphasized throughout the event.

Here’s a quote from the 2017 Membership brochure that may help members share our mission:

“A famed 13th century Arab warrior and poet once said his beloved mare carried him to “realms accessible to none other.” By joining The Pyramid Society you will enjoy a similar experience. Our members benefit from access to the fascinating world of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse and its global connections. Enduring friendships, exciting travel, and life-enriching experiences often become important aspects of Society membership, and whether you own one horse, many horses, or simply dream of owning one, you will be warmly welcomed by those who share your passion. Most importantly, it is your commitment to the Straight Egyptian Arabian through membership in The Pyramid Society that enables us to successfully accomplish our mission.”

While not a Pyramid Society sponsored event, the office staff and Membership Committee will be happy to assist you in planning and promoting your event.   In representing The Pyramid Society, there are guidelines to be followed.  In hosting an Outreach event, you assist The Pyramid Society with membership while highlighting your farm at the same time.

The Pyramid Society can only endorse and participate in outreach activities in which the horses presented meet the eligibility requirements for entry into the Egyptian Event.  That is Straight Egyptian Arabian and Egyptian Sired Arabians horses.  By meeting this requirement, The Pyramid Society can assist you with print materials and promotion of your event.

Since interests and demographics vary from region to region, there is not prototype for planning an OUTREACH event. The Pyramid Society is pleased to provide the following suggestions to assist members in hosting a successful event.



First and foremost, the event must be self-supporting.  Sponsors should be secured on the local level to cover all costs.  The Pyramid Society can assist by providing printed materials, and perhaps a raffle or auction item.  Suggested sponsors are your veterinarian, the local food supplier, the local tack and supply shops, the farm supply store.  Contact a local restaurant to cater the event in exchange for promotion.  Each of these can be offered a booth at the event to advertise their services and products in exchange for their sponsorship.  Make it a joint event with another farm in the area.



Advertise the event in the local newspapers, on social media, at the local feed and supply stores.  Join the Chamber of Commerce and invite the members to the event. Announce the event through The Pyramid Society news by calling the office.  Contact the local Equine associations in the area with an invitation for their members to attend the seminar.  Invite your Pyramid Society membership committee representative if he/she is not too far away.  If possible, ask your Membership Committee representative to assist you in planning and promoting your event.  Invite other Pyramid Society members to be present.  If you live in a “college town”, contact the university and invite students from their veterinary program. 



Plan a slate of speakers who will both hold the interest of your audience and provide interesting information on both the Straight Egyptian Arabian and The Pyramid Society.  Your veterinarian can speak on equine health in general and/or fertility.  Your Purina representative can speak on nutrition.  The local farrier can, not only speak on the subject, but he/she can give a demonstration on caring for the horse’s hooves.  Ask someone from The Pyramid Society to speak on the Straight Egyptian Arabian and its history.  Ask your membership representative to speak on The Pyramid Society and encourage non-members to join.  You speak on your own breeding program and show your horses. 

TIP: Have a video of the horses “looping” in the background.  Audio will not be necessary since the video will speak for itself.



The suggested time frame for the seminar is 4 hours.  Keep in mind if you plan the event to last from 10:00-2:00, attendees will be expecting lunch.  A later event, 1:00-4:00, can have lighter refreshments.  Provide coffee, water and drinks throughout the seminar.  This information will help in securing a sponsor to cater the event.



Provide “take home” packets with information on everything presented at the seminar, sponsor promos, a “Thank You” letter, TPS membership brochure, contact info for the local membership representative and your brochure & business card.  Encourage all attendees to visit The Pyramid Society website at www.pyramidsociety.org for more information, and sign up to receive The Chariot newsletter.



Find a way to collect the contact info & email addresses of attendees at your event, and provide a copy to TPS. This could simply be a “registration” form, a raffle inviting them to sign-up to win (TPS may provide prize, sign-up forms and signage) or other incentive. The key is to have the ability to follow-up with attendees either by sending a newsletter, thank you letter/email, news on future events, etc.


Finally, once the event is over, provide The Pyramid Society with a report of your success.  Include the number of attendees and their overall interest level, your sponsors, speakers and any other information you feel will assist other farms in planning their OUTREACH events. Don’t forget to submit a photo and paragraph for post event promotion in The Chariot, and for possible consideration for the Yearbook.


To submit your event for inclusion in the Outreach Program, please contact Carol@PyramidSociety.org 30+ days in advance.