The North Texas Arabian Horse Club's Mayfest Challenge will host classes for Straight Egyptians, including the All American Straight Egyptian Challenge Cup qualifying classes on Saturday, May 5, 2018! Plan to Participate!
The Pyramid Society offers this publication as the final and definitive chapter in establishing the Straight Egyptian horse as a breed within the Arabian breed.    It is to be considered as the only indisputable and unequivocal reference tool for all breeders of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse worldwide.   
Please accept our invitation to participate in The Reference Handbook of Straight Egyptian Horses Worldwide, Volume XIII.  This valuable update coincides with the release of the previous 12 volumes DIGITALLY! The digital release provides access to the data and photos of more than 2,200 horses that, until now, have only been available in print. Details and information packets are available, we look forward to discussing your needs and assisting with your participation in this new and exciting publication.